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Digital Art Room


 María Camila Ruiz(5A)  Victoria Rey Moreno(5A)  Samuel Cantillo(5A) Marcos Arango(5A)  Gabriela Álvarez(5C)  Isabella Ciubanu(5C) 

 José Antonio Moreno(5C)  Isabella Santamaría(5C)  Maximiliano Pardo(5C)  Sai Shveni Mishra(5C) Laura Jiménez(5C) Isabella Martínez Gómez(5C) Santiago Lleras(5C) Luna Quesada(5C) Marcos Arango(5C) Alejando Páez(5B)  Gabriela Santamaría(5B) Isabella Urquijo(5B)  2

Juan Miguel Martínez(5B) Juliana Marín Patiño(5B)  Luciana Valeria Placeres(5B) Mariana Guevara(5B)  Mariana Molina(5B)  Mateo Restrepo(5B)  Nicolás Becerra(5B) Salome Moreno(5B)  Santiago Useche(5B)  Sara Camila Chaparro(5B)  Sara María Mejía(5B)  Sofia Claves(5B)  Valeria Acuña(5B)

Daniela Parra(6B) Enzo Ugozzoli(6C) Gabriel Melgarejo(6B) Juan Diego Cáceres(6C)  Santiago Bayona(6C)  Santiago Méndez Calvo(8)

Alejandro Monroy(7B) Jacobo Vargas(7B) Juan Felipe Urrego(7B) Isabella Burgos(7C) Fabiana Lares(7C) Santiago González Peña(8B) Simón Lara(8C) Sara Palacios(8B) Alejandro Dávila(8B)  Felipe Ortiz Bermejo(8C) María Helena Cáceres(8) Juan Diego Hernández (6C)

Are you inspired?
It's your turn to create a DIGITAL ART'S artwork

alejandra pulido 1.png
Alejandra Pulido 2.png



In some virtual notes or pain in 3d, you are going to try to recreate an animal or abstract work,  then explain which intentions you want to communicate with this composition.
Example: I used an abstract background with the shadows of the most known domestic animals (dog, cat, fish), in order to represent these animals when they are about to be adopted and now their life is going to change without knowing what is coming, that's what the background represents uncertainty.

                                                                Alejandra Pulido Moya, 8th grade



Another example is an eye  I want to represent is a human eye with the virtual program of painter-free version. In this case, I was guided by an image on one layer, while drawing and highlighting on the others to make it look better, additionally, I hid the image layer so that only the eye could be seen.

                                                              Alejandra Pulido Moya , 8th grade


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