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Nature and Landscape room


David Felipe Bonilla(TRA) Emma Caballero(TRA) Harish Madasamy(TRA) Juan David Fajardo(TRA) Martin Fierro(TRA) Sara Bernal(TRA) Amelia García(TRB) Ana Sofía Martínez(TRB)  Antonella Barrera(TRB) Emmanuel Chisica(TRB) Fabián Alejandro Bayona(TRB) Jerónimo Camacho(TRB) Martina García(TRB)

Mateo Castaño(TRB) Matías Orozco(TRB) Matías Vásquez(TRB) Nathalia Díaz(TRB) Tomás Sabogal(TRB) Victoria Medina(TRB) Francesco Ugozzoli(2A) Ivanna Pardo(2A) Sara Quimbayo(2A)Sergio Orduz(2A) Sofía Gil(2A) Mariana Lara(2B) Mathias Asprilla(2B) Isabella Burgos(7C) Agastya Patidar(7B), Isabella Ortiz(7B), Sofia Ramírez(7B), Sofia Ramírez(7B) Juan David Ribero(7C) Juan Manuel Sabogal(7C) Sofia Rodríguez Montoya(7C)

Juan Felipe Naranjo(7C) Ana Sofia Gómez(7C) Isabella Criollo(7C),


Begin by investigating about Pointillism, this is the  style that we are going to use. Then, look for an image of a landscape to get inspired.  Proceed to create a sketch of the picture you chose. ​Instead of coloring the whole spaces, place points that are close to one another using the color that you want for each section. Add the final details.

Are you inspired?
It's your turn to create a NATURE AND LANDSCAPES' artwork


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